Toys for Tots and Hodges Warehouse + Logistics

We all know there are families around the country that do not get to have a Christmas. Some of these families have multiple children that won’t find an abundance of toys under their Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Fortunately, we have a wonderful organization called Toys for Tots that make a present-filled Christmas a reality for less fortunate families around the country. Toys for Tots collect thousands of presents for distribution to lucky families, but those toys aren’t distributed right away so Hodges Warehouse + Logistics has donated a warehouse for the Montgomery area Toys for Tots. They now have a big and safe space to hold all of the wonderful gifts they have collected until it is time for them to be put underneath a tree and into the hands of a very happy child. At Hodges Warehouse + Logistics, we adore helping out the wonderful city of Montgomery and the amazing organizations that give so much to our community.

Montgomery Listed as # 7 in the Nation for Lowest Living Costs

Alabama cities Montgomery, Huntsville and Mobile are in the top 25 places in the nation with the lowest living cost. Montgomery comes in at number 7 with the lowest living cost in the nation.  According to “The 2016 Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living” ranking is determined by the housing location, food, fuel costs and median tax rates. The statistics come from the U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics including median effective property taxes, home value to income ratios and median rent figures. According to Alabama News Center “The average home of a Montgomery family is valued at 2.3 times income, while the median rent is $818. The median home value is $119,500.” Montgomery has so much to offer including historical downtown locations, modern shopping and restaurants and great neighborhoods to raise families. Take advantage of Montgomery’s low living cost and contact Hodges Commercial Real Estate team to find your perfect future business site.

Downtown Montgomery





Lagoon Park Business Center Featured in Montgomery Advertiser

Hodges is pleased to announce The Lagoon Park Business Center has been featured in the Montgomery Advertiser as “Businesses coming to north Montgomery.” In this article you can see which big businesses have made Lagoon Park Business Center their future home. The new Wynbrook Access Road is also featured in this article. This is just the beginning! With a prime location in Montgomery many future businesses will soon follow.

Montgomery Advertiser- Businesses Coming to North Montgomery



Hodges Commercial Real Estate is excited to announce the completion of the Wynbrook Access Road. This road would not have been possible without the efforts of the city of Montgomery, the developers, private developer Jay Tidwell and The Hodges Family. This road provides access from The Northeastern Blvd to Plantation Way and Roy Hodges Boulevard to Sweetwood Way, which leads to Wynbrook neighborhood. Not only does this alleviate traffic, but it also provides a high level of safety for those living in the Wynbrook neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. Before the completion of the access road first responders from Montgomery Fire and Rescue at Lagoon Park had to go nearly 2 miles out of the way to reach residents in those neighborhoods. This new road has cut response time in half! Hodges Commercial Real Estate is pleased the new connector road is making Montgomery a safer place for their residents and it will make traffic flow more smoothly.

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Wynbrook Access Road

The Wynbrook Access Road is a joint project between 3 land owners and the City of Montgomery. The City of Montgomery needed the road to help improve the city services to the neighborhood and mostly for emergency response times to improve for public safety. The landowners have paid all material cost to include the plans and permits. The City of Montgomery is providing the labor.

This is a big win for the city and the Wynbrook, Dexter Ridge and connecting neighborhoods. Not only does it give better ingress/egress it elevates traffic on the current roads to the neighborhood via Burbank and Wares Ferry Rd. also improving public safety in those areas.

The access road provides direct access to North Eastern Blvd via Roy Hodges Blvd. this allows the traffic to come out at a signalized intersection and have better/faster access to Downtown, I-85 and I-65.

Goodwyn Mills and Cawood designed the road and culvert after an extensive Hydrology study to insure that the culvert used was adequate.

This project has taken over ten years to come to fruition.

The Access road in scheduled for completion in the next 3-4 weeks weather permitting.
If you have any questions please contact:
Jay Tidwell at 322-3497