Lagoon Park Business Center Featured in Montgomery Advertiser

Hodges is pleased to announce The Lagoon Park Business Center has been featured in the Montgomery Advertiser as “Businesses coming to north Montgomery.” In this article you can see which big businesses have made Lagoon Park Business Center their future home. The new Wynbrook Access Road is also featured in this article. This is just the beginning! With a prime location in Montgomery many future businesses will soon follow.

Montgomery Advertiser- Businesses Coming to North Montgomery



Hodges Commercial Real Estate is excited to announce the completion of the Wynbrook Access Road. This road would not have been possible without the efforts of the city of Montgomery, the developers, private developer Jay Tidwell and The Hodges Family. This road provides access from The Northeastern Blvd to Plantation Way and Roy Hodges Boulevard to Sweetwood Way, which leads to Wynbrook neighborhood. Not only does this alleviate traffic, but it also provides a high level of safety for those living in the Wynbrook neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods. Before the completion of the access road first responders from Montgomery Fire and Rescue at Lagoon Park had to go nearly 2 miles out of the way to reach residents in those neighborhoods. This new road has cut response time in half! Hodges Commercial Real Estate is pleased the new connector road is making Montgomery a safer place for their residents and it will make traffic flow more smoothly.

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