Toys for Tots and Hodges Warehouse + Logistics

We all know there are families around the country that do not get to have a Christmas. Some of these families have multiple children that won’t find an abundance of toys under their Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Fortunately, we have a wonderful organization called Toys for Tots that make a present-filled Christmas a reality for less fortunate families around the country. Toys for Tots collect thousands of presents for distribution to lucky families, but those toys aren’t distributed right away so Hodges Warehouse + Logistics has donated a warehouse for the Montgomery area Toys for Tots. They now have a big and safe space to hold all of the wonderful gifts they have collected until it is time for them to be put underneath a tree and into the hands of a very happy child. At Hodges Warehouse + Logistics, we adore helping out the wonderful city of Montgomery and the amazing organizations that give so much to our community.

Lagoon Park Business Center Featured in Montgomery Advertiser

Hodges is pleased to announce The Lagoon Park Business Center has been featured in the Montgomery Advertiser as “Businesses coming to north Montgomery.” In this article you can see which big businesses have made Lagoon Park Business Center their future home. The new Wynbrook Access Road is also featured in this article. This is just the beginning! With a prime location in Montgomery many future businesses will soon follow.

Montgomery Advertiser- Businesses Coming to North Montgomery


Wynbrook Access Road

The Wynbrook Access Road is a joint project between 3 land owners and the City of Montgomery. The City of Montgomery needed the road to help improve the city services to the neighborhood and mostly for emergency response times to improve for public safety. The landowners have paid all material cost to include the plans and permits. The City of Montgomery is providing the labor.

This is a big win for the city and the Wynbrook, Dexter Ridge and connecting neighborhoods. Not only does it give better ingress/egress it elevates traffic on the current roads to the neighborhood via Burbank and Wares Ferry Rd. also improving public safety in those areas.

The access road provides direct access to North Eastern Blvd via Roy Hodges Blvd. this allows the traffic to come out at a signalized intersection and have better/faster access to Downtown, I-85 and I-65.

Goodwyn Mills and Cawood designed the road and culvert after an extensive Hydrology study to insure that the culvert used was adequate.

This project has taken over ten years to come to fruition.

The Access road in scheduled for completion in the next 3-4 weeks weather permitting.
If you have any questions please contact:
Jay Tidwell at 322-3497

Minyoung Kim of Hodges Commercial Real Estate Receives CCIM Designation

Minyoung Kim, CCIM of Hodges Commercial Real Estate and Hodges Warehouse & Logistics successfully completed the CCIM Courses and Final Exam and received his CCIM pin on April 5, 2016.

What is a CCIM?

Congratulations to our very own Minyoung Kim on earning his CCIM designation. Currently, there are 10,000+ CCIMs in the 1,000 U.S. markets and 31 additional countries. Additionally 3,000+ practitioners are pursuing this designation. CCIM’s are currently one of the largest commercial real estate networks in the world.

Minyoung Kim was among 5 other Alabama real estate professionals to earn their CCIM designation during the Midyear Governance Meetings in early April at the Fairmont Chicago Hotel in Chicago. Minyoung was among 149 other industry professionals who earned their CCIM designation.

The journey to obtaining the CCIM designation is not an easy one. Candidates must complete more than 160 hours of case-study driven education covering topics such as interest-based negotiation, financial analysis, market analysis, user decision analysis, investment analysis, and ethics in commercial investment real estate. Professionals with CCIM designations are known to help their clients

  • Minimize risk
  • Enhance credibility
  • Make informed decisions
  • Close more deals



CCIM_blog       Bryan Holt, CCIM with Minyoung Kim, CCIM



 Left to Right: Rich Campbell, CCIM, Bryan Holt, CCIM, AL Chapter President-Elect, Michael Wilson, CCIM, AL Chapter President, Amy Adkins, AL Chapter Administrator, Sloan Stevens, CCIM, David Cornelius, CCIM and Tim Blair, Past AL Chapter President.


Minyoung Kim, CCIM with Jack Hodges, CCIM

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Hodges Warehouse and Logistics was the proud sponsor of the recent Alabama Automobile Manufacturers Association

Hodges Warehouse and Logistics was the proud sponsor of the recent Alabama Automobile Manufacturers Association ( .


Ena Park, Major Account Manager for Hodges served as MC of the event that included the following speakers:

Bill Taylor – President of Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, former President of Mercedes Benz USA International.

Dave Mark – Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama, (HMMA) HOD (General Purchasing – Auto parts)

Warren Gappa – Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama (HMMA)  HOD(General Purchasing – MRO parts)

Ron Davis – President of AAMA


Panel Discussion:

Steve Sewell – Exective Vice President of Economic Development Partnership of Alabama

Joe Song – General Purchasing Manager at Mobis Alabama

Craig Lindemann – Purchasing manager at Mando America Corporation America in Opelika Al

Dan Drouin – Plant Manager at Lear Corporation, Montgomery Al.


Also attending from Hodges Warehouse and Logistics, Inc. were Lance Hunter, CEO; Paul Hodges, Vice President, and Jonathan Park, Inventory Specialist, and Minyoung Kim Real Estate Specialist. Paul Hodges is also broker and Minyoung Kim an agent for Exit Hodges Real Estate.

Ena opened the meeting with comments on the importance of the auto industry to Alabama. She followed with a thank you to Hyundai for making Montgomery and the River Region part of that exciting industry. In her introductions Ena reflected on the huge contributions made by some of the speakers in bringing the Auto industry to Alabama and forming the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association. She noted that Bill Taylor was a major player for Mercedes Benz when they expanded to Tuscaloosa. She speculated that if there had not been that first Mercedes plant, there might not have been the several others that have followed. She also recognized Steve Sewell and Bill Taylor’s long contribution starting the AAMA and bringing other automakers to the state as members of a very effective Economic Development Partnership.


Lance Hunter also offered brief comments of gratitude to Bill Taylor, Steve Sewell and Hyundai for their efforts to bring the automotive industry to Central Alabama. Lance mentioned that we sometimes forget the very real human benefits that the industry offers to employees of suppliers. Many hard working people in Central Alabama have been able to accomplish a lot more for themselves and their families because of the jobs provided by the industry.

“It has been my honor and privilege to serve as the Master of Ceremony for this event. Hodges is so excited to be the Platinum Sponsor of Networking with Hyundai purchasing and key suppliers event. Hyundai has brought significant economic impact to Montgomery Alabama in last 11 years. Hyundai keeps growing fast in North America’s automotive industry. This event provided great opportunities to suppliers to meet with Hyundai purchasing representatives and key suppliers. I am so excited to be the part of this amazing event!” – Ena Park 


During the panel discussion, Dan Drouin, Plant manager of Lear.