Hodges Warehouse and Logistics was the proud sponsor of the recent Alabama Automobile Manufacturers Association

Hodges Warehouse and Logistics was the proud sponsor of the recent Alabama Automobile Manufacturers Association (https://aama.memberclicks.net/) .


Ena Park, Major Account Manager for Hodges served as MC of the event that included the following speakers:

Bill Taylor – President of Economic Development Partnership of Alabama, former President of Mercedes Benz USA International.

Dave Mark – Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama, (HMMA) HOD (General Purchasing – Auto parts)

Warren Gappa – Hyundai Motor Manufacturing of Alabama (HMMA)  HOD(General Purchasing – MRO parts)

Ron Davis – President of AAMA


Panel Discussion:

Steve Sewell – Exective Vice President of Economic Development Partnership of Alabama  http://www.edpa.org/

Joe Song – General Purchasing Manager at Mobis Alabama  http://mobisalabama.com/

Craig Lindemann – Purchasing manager at Mando America Corporation America in Opelika Al  http://www.mando.com/

Dan Drouin – Plant Manager at Lear Corporation, Montgomery Al. http://www.lear.com/


Also attending from Hodges Warehouse and Logistics, Inc. were Lance Hunter, CEO; Paul Hodges, Vice President, and Jonathan Park, Inventory Specialist, and Minyoung Kim Real Estate Specialist. Paul Hodges is also broker and Minyoung Kim an agent for Exit Hodges Real Estate.

Ena opened the meeting with comments on the importance of the auto industry to Alabama. She followed with a thank you to Hyundai for making Montgomery and the River Region part of that exciting industry. In her introductions Ena reflected on the huge contributions made by some of the speakers in bringing the Auto industry to Alabama and forming the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association. She noted that Bill Taylor was a major player for Mercedes Benz when they expanded to Tuscaloosa. She speculated that if there had not been that first Mercedes plant, there might not have been the several others that have followed. She also recognized Steve Sewell and Bill Taylor’s long contribution starting the AAMA and bringing other automakers to the state as members of a very effective Economic Development Partnership.


Lance Hunter also offered brief comments of gratitude to Bill Taylor, Steve Sewell and Hyundai for their efforts to bring the automotive industry to Central Alabama. Lance mentioned that we sometimes forget the very real human benefits that the industry offers to employees of suppliers. Many hard working people in Central Alabama have been able to accomplish a lot more for themselves and their families because of the jobs provided by the industry.

“It has been my honor and privilege to serve as the Master of Ceremony for this event. Hodges is so excited to be the Platinum Sponsor of Networking with Hyundai purchasing and key suppliers event. Hyundai has brought significant economic impact to Montgomery Alabama in last 11 years. Hyundai keeps growing fast in North America’s automotive industry. This event provided great opportunities to suppliers to meet with Hyundai purchasing representatives and key suppliers. I am so excited to be the part of this amazing event!” – Ena Park 


During the panel discussion, Dan Drouin, Plant manager of Lear.

The Historic Capitol, Montgomery

montgomery The fascination with Montgomery, Alabama begins with its deep rooted  history. There are many museums and attractions that keep modern day society reminded of all the past experiences the city of Montgomery has seen.

The Rosa Parks Museum and Children’s Wing in located at the very place she was arrested. The museum resents the history of the Civil Rights Movement and the Montgomery Bus Boycott with presentations, newspaper clippings, and exhibits.

The First White House of the Confederacy is also located in the capital. This is where Jefferson Davis and his family lived temporarily.
Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church is located in the famous downtown Montgomery. In this church Martin Luther King, Jr served as a pastor. The Civil Rights Memorial Center is ready to teach you about the Civil Rights period in American History.
Last, but not least the Alabama State Capitol is located in the heart of Montgomery. This is where Jefferson Davis took the oath of office as president of the Confederacy in 1861. This is also the location where civil rights activists ended the Selma to Montgomery march in 1965. There is so much to learn about the history of events that took place in The Historic Capital of Alabama.

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