Montgomery Listed as # 7 in the Nation for Lowest Living Costs

Alabama cities Montgomery, Huntsville and Mobile are in the top 25 places in the nation with the lowest living cost. Montgomery comes in at number 7 with the lowest living cost in the nation.  According to “The 2016 Cities with the Lowest Cost of Living” ranking is determined by the housing location, food, fuel costs and median tax rates. The statistics come from the U.S. Census and Bureau of Labor Statistics including median effective property taxes, home value to income ratios and median rent figures. According to Alabama News Center “The average home of a Montgomery family is valued at 2.3 times income, while the median rent is $818. The median home value is $119,500.” Montgomery has so much to offer including historical downtown locations, modern shopping and restaurants and great neighborhoods to raise families. Take advantage of Montgomery’s low living cost and contact Hodges Commercial Real Estate team to find your perfect future business site.

Downtown Montgomery