Where’s Jay?

Our Associate Broker, Jay Tidwell has a lot in common with Waldo! Jay is everywheJayNEWre  in the River Region whether its showing a commercial listing, spending time with his kids and wife, or serving as a Montgomery Chamber of Commerce Ambassador. Jay spends a lot of his time at ribbon cuttings in Montgomery supporting new members and new businesses. Jay enjoys supporting the community and we are glad to have someone like that on our team! Have fun spotting Jay in these ribbon cuttings.


Opening of ASE Credit located on Eastchase Parkway



Opening of Goodwill Industries Donation Center located on Perry Hill Road



Opening of Black Finn located in Eastchase

Jay_Black Finn


Opening of Gander Mountain

Jay_Gander Mountain


Opening of Dairy Queen on Taylor Road


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The Historic Capitol, Montgomery

montgomery The fascination with Montgomery, Alabama begins with its deep rooted  history. There are many museums and attractions that keep modern day society reminded of all the past experiences the city of Montgomery has seen.

The Rosa Parks Museum and Children’s Wing in located at the very place she was arrested. The museum resents the history of the Civil Rights Movement and the Montgomery Bus Boycott with presentations, newspaper clippings, and exhibits.

The First White House of the Confederacy is also located in the capital. This is where Jefferson Davis and his family lived temporarily.
Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church is located in the famous downtown Montgomery. In this church Martin Luther King, Jr served as a pastor. The Civil Rights Memorial Center is ready to teach you about the Civil Rights period in American History.
Last, but not least the Alabama State Capitol is located in the heart of Montgomery. This is where Jefferson Davis took the oath of office as president of the Confederacy in 1861. This is also the location where civil rights activists ended the Selma to Montgomery march in 1965. There is so much to learn about the history of events that took place in The Historic Capital of Alabama.

Hodges Warehouse and Logistics congratulates client on prestigious award.

Whitfield Foods, based in Montgomery Al recently received the Contract Manufacturer of the Year Award for excellence in productivity, cost control, quality and customer service from its primary customer, PepsiCo. Whitfield Foods is one of 64 PepsiCo Contract Manufacturers and produces Tropicana, Dole, Lipton, Sobe, Amp Energy, Gatorade and food service juices and drinks.

Jackie Greene, Hodges Warehouse Operations coordinator leading Hodges, Whitfield operations, commented, “We have enjoyed serving Whitfield with their PepsiCo account. Whitfield is another family owned company in Montgomery, Al (as is Hodges) and we have worked together for years. We are both proud to be locally owned but able to provide business services that exceed the expectations of globally competitive companies like PepsiCo.”

Hodges Commercial Real Estate is pleased to announce new automotive parts supplier moving to facility at Interstate Industrial Park

DAS North America, a Hyundai and Kia parts supplier is moving into the former Graham Packaging building at Interstate Industrial Park, a 150,000 square-foot facility. Initial plans are to hire 60 employees. Paul Hodges provided marketing and contract support to the landlord in the transaction.

The leased space will house the initial operations for DAS North America

DAS, which manufactures automotive seat components, will operate at the leased facility while building a new facility. The company will ultimately invest $50 million in the operation and create 210 jobs in the city. “This is great news for Montgomery that DAS decided to build its first North American manufacturing plant in Montgomery,” Montgomery Mayor Todd Strange said in the announcement. “We are grateful and appreciate that DAS picked Montgomery and we are thrilled about the new jobs.”