Grand Opening of iREP in Montgomery, AL



The Hodges Commercial Real Estate team had a great time at the grand opening of IREP, Infinitus Renewable Energy Park, on Monday! We can’t wait to see it in action. Our broker Paul Hodges and associate broker Jay Tidwell had a great time networking with Tom Giallonardo CEO of D’Argent Companiesand Angel Mendez the Chief Operating Officer/ Co-Founder of Infinitus Energy.

As a country we had a lot of waste products. The big picture of Infinitus Energy is to help reduce in waste in a big way and turn it into energy. Infinitus Energy develop Infinitus Renewable Energy Parks with leading edge technology solutions to community waste collection and processing. According to Infinitus Energy the waste in the United States has gone from 100 Million tons in 1960 to 250 Million tons in 2010. That is a huge escalation in waste. According to Infinitus Energy 34% of waste is recycled, 11.7% is processed for energy, and 54% is discarded into landfills. We are slowly crowding our Earth with tons of waste. Infinitus has found an effective way to turn this waste into energy and benefit everyone on the planey.

Hodges Adapts To Serve Customers Even Better



As Hodges Warehouse + Logistics/Hodges Commercial Real Estate began adding more and more Korean clients and tenants, that created a new need: hiring someone with foreign language skills.

They found someone, Ena Park, who speaks both Korean and Chinese in addition to having a master’s degree in business administration from Auburn University at Montgomery. The company also added Korean and Chinese language websites.

“We have clients who are more comfortable speaking in their native languages,” said Paul Hodges, vice president/shareholder and real estate broker. “We are actively talking with Korean clients every week and there seems to be new business on the horizon.

Company officials are currently in negotiations with a steel supplier, Hodges said.

It’s just one example of Hodges identifying a growth area and seizing on the opportunities. With seven or eight suppliers to Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama as clients, Hodges has capitalized on the fast-growing automotive sector. They have clients that also supply the Kia manufacturing plant in West Point, Georgia.

It doesn’t end there. A current Hyundai supplier is expanding to also supply the Toyota and Nissan manufacturing plants in Mississippi and has asked Hodges to handle those operations. And Hodges handles a wide range of operations from providing all the services inside a warehouse, including personnel and equipment, to inventory management system and delivery. Hodges also leases to clients, who operate the facility themselves.

“We have developed commercial lots; sold lots; and built buildings for built-to-suit clientele,” Hodges said.

About 2½ years ago, Hodges, which has 150 commercial real estate properties, made a move into the residential real estate market. “We saw a niche in the Montgomery market, where $30 million worth of homes are bought and sold each month,” Hodges said. “And we weren’t participating in that. We recruited an agent that wanted to focus exclusively on residential real estate. We decided it might be a good opportunity, especially at the bottom of the market.”

Hodges partnered with Exit and Exit Hodges Real Estate was born. The company has sold about 100 homes since entering the residential market, according to Hodges.

Changing with the times and diversifying have been two of the reasons for the company’s success. Hodges actually started in the cattle auction markets and had a number of facilities in Texas and Louisiana before moving operations to Alabama. Montgomery was the first location in Alabama, with Hodges adding three other sites in the state.

The company invested some of the profits in real estate, buying an old cotton warehouse next to its Montgomery facility. “We rented out the building and acquired the adjacent building,” Hodges said.

That was the beginning of the warehouse operation. “Our niche has been to acquire older facilities that have been used for manufacturing or distribution and convert them into warehousing,” Hodges said.

Hodges has more than 4 million square feet of warehouse space, which is heavily concentrated in Montgomery. The company does have a 600,000-square-foot facility in Dothan and warehouse space in Prattville.

“We have excess space and we acquired it at very favorable prices over the years,” Hodges said. “As the market improves, we should be in a good position.”

The company has been successful because “we work to bring the functional capabilities of a large company to the clients we serve while maintaining the close customer service of a small company,” said Lance Hunter, CEO of Hodges Warehouse + Logistics. “Our relatively small staff is empowered to make decisions quickly and commit any of our resources.

“We think a huge part of our success is because we are lucky enough to be located in Montgomery, Alabama. There are so many institutions in this area that are willing and able to help small companies achieve big results.”

Hodges Warehouse + Logistics announces plans to expand into Mississippi in 2013

Paul Hodges, an owner and senior member of management announced that Hodges is beginning site selection for expansion into Mississippi. Paul announced, “We have been asked by a major client to provide warehouse and logistics support at two locations in Mississippi. We are extremely pleased to be able to expand regionally with a very important international client.”

Hodges Thrilled to Support Korean Automotive Manufacturing Community

Michael Hodges of the Hodges Companies announced that Hodges Warehouse + Logistics, Inc. and Hodges Commercial Real Estate, Inc. are joining the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and over 40 other Central Alabama area businesses in celebrating and honoring Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Alabama and the Korean business community. The Hodges companies are Platinum Sponsors of the performance of Nanta, July 10, 2012 at the theater. Mike explained “We at Hodges are extremely grateful for what Hyundai, their suppliers and friends have done for our community. We are longtime supporters of the Alabama Shakespeare Festival and are grateful for the way the theater has improved the quality of life in the River Region. What a great opportunity to celebrate two unique and wonderful parts of the evolving and diverse culture of the Central Alabama area.”

Ena Piao, who assumed responsibility earlier this year for coordinating Hodges efforts to serve the Korean business community added, “I am happy that we are joining in the celebration of the Korean culture and community that does so much for all of us. The Korean automotive supply companies based in Central Alabama and Korea are vital to Hodges. We currently help six Korean industrial companies with their real estate needs and provide Central Alabama warehousing and logistics services to two others. Together they make up the largest concentration of business within Hodges. My job is to make sure we deliver the highest level of service to the Korean business community whether it is for leased commercial space or warehousing and logistics support. It is great to see this community celebrated in such a special way”

Paul Hodges, an owner and director of Hodges stated “The Festival’s Celebration could not come at a better time. We have recently grown our team to keep in step with the community’s growing importance in the area. We were very lucky to recently add Ena to our team. Ena’s education, (she has a Master’s of Business Administration from Auburn University at Montgomery), and native Korean language ability combine nicely with our years of real estate and warehouse experience to provide a useful service to this growing community. We are also thrilled to have a native Korean language residential agent, Jessica Lee, to broaden our services to this important part of the Central Alabama market.”

Lance Hunter, CEO, feels the Korean business community has changed Montgomery for the better in more ways than just improved economic growth. “Sure, we are grateful for all the new business activity. And we are lucky at Hodges to have enjoyed financial benefits from the regional automotive industry growth. But Hyundai has stepped in and supported the efforts of fellow business members in the community to help everyone in our community. They have shown that a global player from a different culture can reach out to a local community half-a- world away from their home office. The support to the food bank announced this week is just the most recent example that started from the first announcement with support of local education. That support has included donations of everything from large checks to tennis shoes. We are just happy to be able to join many other companies in the community and The Alabama Shakespeare Festival in this well-deserved honor for Hyundai and the Korean business community.”