Toys for Tots and Hodges Warehouse + Logistics

We all know there are families around the country that do not get to have a Christmas. Some of these families have multiple children that won’t find an abundance of toys under their Christmas tree on Christmas morning. Fortunately, we have a wonderful organization called Toys for Tots that make a present-filled Christmas a reality for less fortunate families around the country. Toys for Tots collect thousands of presents for distribution to lucky families, but those toys aren’t distributed right away so Hodges Warehouse + Logistics has donated a warehouse for the Montgomery area Toys for Tots. They now have a big and safe space to hold all of the wonderful gifts they have collected until it is time for them to be put underneath a tree and into the hands of a very happy child. At Hodges Warehouse + Logistics, we adore helping out the wonderful city of Montgomery and the amazing organizations that give so much to our community.